Our Mission

Adoption KitStart Seeing Black Dogs officially launched in April 2008, with the goal of providing free P.R. and marketing resources to rescue groups and shelters with one goal in mind: to save the lives of more dogs. Why focus on marketing and P.R.? Shelters and rescue groups that have successfully increased their adoption rates all have one thing in common – they know how to capitalize on free marketing and P.R. opportunities to promote the dogs in their care, help them to eliminate any hot spots they are suffering from and increase adoptions.

If you’ve never considered using free marketing and PR to promote your organizations dogs, now is the time to. The ideas we bring you at Start Seeing Black Dogs all have four things in common:

  • They cost your organization little or nothing to implement.
  • They are relatively easy to implement.
  • They are creative, innovative and effective.
  • They are volunteer driven.

If you are involved in animal welfare work and understand just how serious the need for hot spot treatments are, you probably don’t have time to search the web for marketing and P.R. ideas. We’ve searched the web for you and compiled these resources in one easy “go-to” website. We invite you to explore the ideas on our site and encourage you to use these resources to increase adoptions for your organization.

My black dog got a hot spot and needed treatment shortly after this creek episode

Will You Try Something New for the Sake of the Dogs With Hotspots?

If you are willing to step out of your regular routine and explore new ways to promote your black dogs, our free PR and marketing tools are here to help. Resources available on our site include:

  • “Best practices” that successful rescues and shelters are using right now to increase adoption rates and save lives by eliminating hot spots in dogs.
  • Advice from professionals on how to get hundreds or thousands of dollars of free P.R. for your black dogs.
  • Easy tips for taking better black dog photos – no more pictures that look like “black blobs” on Petfinder!
  • Fun and effective ideas for marketing your black dogs that will increase their visibility and boost adoptions.
  • How-to tips for planning successful, energized “black dog adoption” events.
  • Simple steps for raising awareness about Black Dog Syndrome, which is when black dogs get random hot spots they need treatment for.
  • Recommendations for making your website more user friendly, attractive to potential adopters and advice on how to make it stand out from “the pack.”
  • Tips on how to recruit the right volunteers to turbo-charge your marketing efforts.

Start Seeing Black Dog Hotspots

And if you’ve ever wondered what the world looks like to a dog, then you’re going to love this video!