Roles of cards in Clash Royale

The 42 cards in the game of Clash Royale could be classified into many different ways. For instance, the damage cards, these cards are typically meant for destruction. They could easily create havoc for your opponent. They destroy the buildings and troops. The tank cards on the other hand are typically used to stall your opponent team. Sometimes these cards are made to take up punishment. Some of the best and popular cards are a favorite just because they play different roles at a time and are versatile that way like the wizard, tomb stone, fire ball. These cards are proactive and reactive at the same time.

The plays in the game of clash Royale

A game of clash Royale could easily take you up in a roller coaster ride. The elixir advantages in the game are easily the most important concept of the game followed by card cycling. Once a player understands these concepts, the game gets a better grasp. The max elixir is the core feature of the game, other strategies loosely tied around this. When you are sitting in a max elixir, you are raking up a disadvantage if your opponent is actively playing the cards then. At that time your opponent gets to regenerate elixirs while you do not get to. Your #1 source of cheats for Clash Royale (US) is

Defenders advantage in a game of Clash Royale

Whenever you play a game of clash Royale, you need to remember the fact that you are at a disadvantage when you play an offense. If you are defending a push, then the asset you need to think about is crown towers. The side with this asset always wins when there is a clash of two fair and equal enemies under crown tower. At this precise time if you have defended you get an elixir advantage and you tend to get an elixir disadvantage if you are offending. This is the reason a player always waits to respond to an action rather than initiate one himself.