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Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 09:57 PM ( 98 views )  - Posted by Administrator

One black mixed breed dog that no one has ever heard of. A sweet natured dog, alone on the Lake Traverse Reservation who surely can not understand why he received a beating that left him wounded and in terrible pain. A dog that we likely never would have heard of if not for the rescuers with Paws for the Cause who got him out of danger and gave him a safe place to heal.

What struck me about Charlie's story are two things. First, Charlie is a “plain”, mixed-breed black dog. Indeed, black dogs are so often overlooked by potential adopters that those involved in animal welfare have developed a term for this –“Black Dog Syndrome.”

The second thing that caught my attention was that although Charlie is a “plain black dog”, and now one that will likely have scars to boot, this didn’t deter the kind rescuers from Paws for the Cause from coming to his aid. They felt that Charlie was worth saving. Scars, broken leg, black hair and all.

Charlie IS worth saving. He is worth caring about. It seems reasonable and right that we should care about dogs like Charlie. Many breeds have wonderful rescue groups that look out for them, groups that remove them from high risk shelters and ensure that they find loving homes. Black shelter dogs do not. Fortunately, there are many devoted individuals involved in animal rescue who care about these overlooked dogs. Individuals like the good folks at Paws for the Cause who will go to the aid of a lone, plain black dog in South Dakota. They believe he is worth saving. So do we. has made a donation to help with Charlie’s medical expenses. Over the past year, we have seen Paws for the Cause rescue many animals that might be considered by some to be less “adoptable.” They rescue them anyway.

To make a donation online to help with Charlie’s medical bills:

To see Charlie’s photo album: ... ID=2205645



Sunday, August 31, 2008, 06:47 PM ( 265 views )  - Posted by Administrator

What rescue group has not received a desperate request to help save a dog from a high risk shelter? How often have you wanted to get a dog to safety but been unable to find an available foster home? What do you do?

In many communities, rescue groups partner with doggie daycares, dog boarding or traditional kennels to offer a temporary housing solution to help get dogs out of high risk shelters until a foster family is available. The beauty of this arrangement is that in most cases, dog business owners will do this at no charge. Aside from almost certainly being dog lovers themselves, why would a dog business owner provide services to your rescue group for free?

Because your rescue group can help promote their business, that’s why. Rescue groups are made up of devoted volunteers, foster families and supporters all of whom spend money on pet related businesses in your community. They are much more likely to spend their money at a business that supports your rescue group than at those that don’t.

What about dogs in foster homes who need a little socialization time? Doggie daycares are often willing to offer free services in exchange for free marketing through your rescue group. Foster dogs get to burn off a little energy and enjoy some often needed socialization.

When approaching a local boarding or dog daycare business, consider offering them the following in exchange for free services for your foster dogs:

•Offer to post the business link on your shelter website.
•hand out their brochures and business cards at all adoption days and fundraising events.
•Regularly feature the business in your rescue newsletter, blog, or on your website. Share the stories of individual dogs who have been helped by their donation of services.
•Offer the business owners the opportunity to promote their business in person at fundraising events.
•At off site adoption events, place a sign on each dog’s crate featuring the business logo and contact number. State that the business is providing free boarding/daycare for your rescue dog.

In addition to offering free boarding or daycare services for your rescue dogs, many businesses will also help cross promote your rescue group by:

•Featuring your dogs on their website, in a flyer and on their check-in counter.
•Promoting your dogs and adoption days in their customer e-newsletter and on their website.
•Linking to your rescue group’s website.
•Placing your rescue’s business cards or adoption day details on their bulletin board.

It seems clear that cross promotion is a win-win for everyone involved. If you’re not currently taking advantage of cross promotion opportunities in your community, now is the time! Creative, free cross marketing with local business owners can help you rescue more dogs, increase adoptions, even help you attract more volunteers. In the end the winners will be the dogs that you and your community partners helped save by working together.



Saturday, August 30, 2008, 07:48 PM ( 177 views )  - Posted by Administrator

Labor Day is here, but the Black Dog Walking Group is still going strong! Our weekly black dog walks are now listed on the Star Tribune's Pet Central: ... ke-harriet and WCCO's event page: ... d=8_3_2008

If the summer heat was daunting, come join the Black Dog Walking Group now that the temps are cooler. We meet every Sunday in front of the Linden Hills Dunn Brothers at 10:30 a.m. For walk details, visit our events page :


See you Sundays!


Thursday, August 28, 2008, 09:22 PM ( 166 views )  - Posted by Administrator

These aren’t your typical pet portraits. For artists Jessie Marianiello, it’s all about capturing your dog’s individual personality in every work of art. While the darker color of black dogs makes then harder to photograph, this doesn’t present a problem for Marianiello. Skilled at painting darker colored dogs, her pictures depict nuances that photographs often can’t hope to capture. Offering commissioned portraits in a unique and contemporary style, Marianiello’s paintings are a heartfelt gesture celebrating the unconditional love and infinite happiness that our four-legged friends have brought to us. Her paintings tell a story – the story of your one-of-a-kind dog.

As part of a special fundraising promotion and in time for the holiday season, Jessie is will be donating 20% of every portrait and a substantial amount from her greeting card sales to local volunteer run, no kill animal rescue groups such as Pet Haven. Marianiello also has gift certificates available – a helpful hint for any well-meaning relatives who never know what to get you. Live out of state? No problem! Jessie does all her paintings from photographs, so you and your pooch can be anyplace in the world.

For more information on commissioning a portrait of your dog, go to: ... otion.html

Our Best to you and your dog(s),


Monday, August 25, 2008, 09:51 PM ( 704 views )  - Posted by Administrator

Black dogs on the radio? It's true! On Sunday I had the opportunity to be interviewed about our work on behalf of black shelter dogs on the nationally syndicated radio program, Animal Wise Radio. Judging by the number of website hits we've received since yesterday, we had a lot of listeners who care about the plight of black shelter dogs as much as we do.

You can listen to the interview on your computer online anytime by going to: . My interview is 20 minutes into the program. Just click on the "Listen to the Program" button in the upper right hand corner. A window will open that will begin the program broadcast automatically.

Thanks again for your support for black shelter dogs and for our website. Thanks also to Mike Fry and Beth Nelson of Animal Wise Radio for inviting us on the show and asking such great questions.

Our best to you and your dog(s),

Heather Rosenwald

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