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Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 09:44 PM ( 68 views )  - Posted by Administrator

If you think social networking sites like Facebook and My Space are only for teenagers, think again. Social networking sites such as these are an excellent way to reach potential adopters, recruit new volunteers, fundraise and get support from your peers. We’ll be adding an article this week on how non-profits can best benefit from social networking sites, so stay tuned for that.



Monday, July 28, 2008, 07:58 PM ( 108 views )  - Posted by Administrator

Okay all you black dog junkies, if you haven't visited yet, now is the time. Black Pearl Dogs may be the first all black dog website, and one we have found to be very inspiring. Co-founders Tamara Delany and her "Big Black Dog" Jake have put together a great site that’s been very effective in raising awareness about Black Dog Syndrome.

I’ll share a brief quote from Tamara that came in a recent e-mail to me which I think expresses what all of us involved in helping these often overlooked dogs feel. Tamara writes "I can't express it enough how truly truly grateful I am for the village building on behalf of the black/dark shelter dog. Truly in my heart and mind the more advocates they have...the better...and won't it be grand someday when our adoption process/education campaign has come the full circle and people adopt based on a personality, lifestyle match and our shelters and rescues have the resources, time and materials to showcase the waiting animals based on their personality characteristics in their optimum environments (well lit for starters!!)."

If you haven’t already, check our Tamara and Jake’s website at Send them a "woof" from us.


Friday, July 25, 2008, 04:41 PM ( 80 views )  - Posted by Administrator

YOU ARE INVITED - Weekly Black Dog Walking Group Meets at Lake Harriet, Minnneapolis. WE walk EVERY WEEK, MAY THROUGH OCTOBER. COME JOIN US!

WHO: Anyone with one or more black dogs. Foster dogs are encouraged to join us. This is great exposure for dogs awaiting adoption.

WHAT: A casual walk with our black dogs around Lake Harriet, or as far as you want to go. Those who want can return to the Linden Hills Dunn Brothers patio for social time after the walk. Owners Carrie and Brian Ehlers are dog lovers and welcome our group.

WHERE: Meet in front of the Linden Hills Dunn Brothers Coffee, and we’ll walk to the lake from there. 2814 West 43rd Street, Linden Hills, 55410, (612) 925-5669. PLEASE PARK AROUND THE CORNER FROM DUNN BROTHERS SO WE DON'T MONOPOLIZE THE PARKING WHILE WE GO ON OUR WALK. THEIR PARKING LOT IS NOT LARGE :) For a map and directions go to: ... tion_id=8#

WHEN: This Sunday July 27th, 10:30 a.m.

WHY: Black dogs are often the last to be adopted and are euthanised in much larger numbers than other dogs. They are frequently overlooked because potential adopters may consider them too "plain," think that they appear more menacing, or they simply may not see them because their darker color makes them disappear in their kennels. Those involved in animal rescue refer to this as “Black Dog Syndrome.” We want black dogs to become more visible and a little black dog herd marching around the lake is a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 12:12 AM ( 59 views )  - Posted by Administrator

A spay / neuter fundraiser that helps black dogs? Absolutely! Affordable spay / neuter programs have been shown to be a key element in reducing pet overpopulation. I don't think its a stretch to suggest that reducing pet overpopulation may also result in fewer black dogs ending up in shelters each year. Spay / neuter programs are part of the solution - and the "Pins for Pets" fundraiser is our chance to step up and help.

The Homes for All Pets Coalition's “Pins for Pets” event raises money for their Pet Fix spay and neuter programs and is one event that no one concerned with shelter animal welfare should miss. If you are looking for a way to make a difference, here is your chance. We know these programs work, so lace up your bowling shoes for an afternoon and get out the checkbook. Let’s help The Homes for All Pets Coalition do this important work.

To learn more go to the Pins for Pets website at . The Pins for Pets event is on Sunday, August 3rd at Flaherty’s Arden Bowl in Arden Hills. The festivities start with a 2:30 pm check-in and bowling from 4 to 6pm. The event includes give-aways, fun door prizes and a live radio broadcast of the Katie K9 show.

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN FORMING A BLACK DOG BOWLING TEAM, CONTACT ME: No bowling skill necessary ( my game is case in point) - a love of dogs will suffice.


Monday, July 21, 2008, 11:59 PM ( 113 views )  - Posted by Administrator

Join us at The Nomad Bar for the "Beer with Your Buddy Event" organized through Angie at K9 Connections. All event proceeds go to a different animal rescue group each month. Bring your dog an enjoy a cold one for a worthy cause with dozens of other dog owners. We'll be there with members of our weekly Black Dog Walking Group. Come say hi - you can't miss us. We'll be the ones covered in black dog hair.

For more information or to buy youor ticket in advance of the event, go to:

See you there-


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