Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a rescue group?
No. We provide free marketing and P.R. resources that rescue groups, shelters and the public can use to promote black dogs and increase adoptions.

Do you have a shelter?
No, please see above.

Do you take donations?
We are in the process of applying for non-profit status and do not accept donations. If you’d like to help black dogs with a donation we recommend that you donate to of these rescue groups or no kill shelters or to one the group of your choice.

What is a no kill rescue group or shelter?
According to Wikipedia,“ a no-kill shelter is most widely defined as an animal shelter where all adoptable and treatable animals are kept alive and where only unadoptable or non-rehabilitatable animals are euthanized.”

How can I receive event updates and black dog promotional tips?

•Follow us on Twitter: just search for "Seeing Black Dogs" and follow our tweets!

•Follow us on FaceBook: join our Facebook group called (you guessed it) "Start Seeing Black Dogs."