Black Dogs Are the “New Black” ™

Think about what it would look like if instead of thinking of black dogs as being difficult to adopt, we started thinking about them as desirable, in demand, and HIGHLY adoptable? Could black dogs be the “new black?” Why not? What can we do to make this happen?

If we put more energy into making our black dogs visible to potential adopters or into educating the public about Black Dog Syndrome, could that lead to an increase in successful adoptions? Absolutely.

At, we offer fun, low or “no cost” P.R .and marketing ideas to help you increase your black dog adoptions while having fun at the same time. You might consider launching a special black dog adoption campaign. What about adding a section about Black Dog Syndrome to home page of your website? Maybe you’ll start a Black Dog Walking Group to get more visibility for your foster dogs. Or perhaps you’ll use our easy photo tips to improve the quality of your black dog pictures online. Whatever you decide to do, feel free to utilize our resources to boost your black dog adoptions.