Each year, 5 million companion animals are euthanised in U.S. animal shelters. At startseeingblackdogs.com we believe that people possess the ingenuity and determination to decrease animal shelter deaths. Every day, committed groups of individuals find solutions to challenging problems in their communities. Finding an alternative to shelter deaths is no different.
Our nation is undeniably full of animal lovers. So why would we accept that we can do no better when it comes to finding a solution to animal shelter deaths? Why would we accept that 5 million annual shelter deaths are an inevitable fact of life?

Surely our desire to protect the companion animals we love so much would compel us to seek new and innovative ways to increase adoptions. Or have we as the public come to accept that we are powerless in the face of this problem?

At startseeingblackdogs.com, we believe that people have the ability to find solutions to reduce shelter killing. What the public may not realize is that there are shelters in operation right now which have successfully reduced their euthanasia rates. By using methods outlined in the "No Kill Equation", a number of traditional, open admission shelters have found life saving alternatives to euthanising many of the animals in their care. To learn more about the No Kill Equation click HERE.

Isn’t Everyone in Favor of No-Kill?

Not everyone involved in animal welfare agrees that shelter deaths can be decreased. A quick search of the web reveals that many people actively argue that reducing shelter deaths is not achievable, or not achievable by the methods outlined by “no kill” advocates.

We disagree. We believe that reducing shelter deaths is possible and support this effort. We believe that is more productive for no kill detractors to offer plans for reducing shelter deaths rather than focusing on discrediting those proposing new ideas and we look  forward to the day when this may happen.

Most people would agree that 5 million annual companion animal deaths in our nation’s shelters is a tragic thing. The question is, are we willing to accept the status quo, or are we open minded and determined enough to seek life saving solutions?

Not all methods for reducing euthanasia rates will be successful but one fact is for certain: if we do nothing, 5 million companion animals will continue to die every year in our nation’s shelters. We believe this is an unacceptable outcome and one that we have the power, ingenuity and desire to change.

Our Mission

• To help animal rescue groups and shelters increase the number of black dog adoptions by offering free marketing and PR resources.

• To continually offer creative, inspirational and fun ideas to help increase black dog adoptions.

• To educate the public about Black Dog Syndrome and encourage them to choose adoption over purchasing from commercial breeding sources.

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