Make them visible – Bedazzle Your Black Dogs

We often hear that because of their color, black dogs are less visible in kennels or crates. So how can you “bedazzle” your black dogs to make sure they get noticed by potential adopters?

• Have a volunteer sew sequins or appliqués on bandanas for the dogs to wear.

• Make simple vests for your black pooches to wear. Bring
  on the “bling” by adding glitter glue, sequins, or stenciling.

• Stencil “Adopt Me!” on the back of dog vests, bandanas or t-shirts along
  with your rescue group’s name. Foster parents can dress up their foster
  dogs when they visit public places. You never know when you might run into
  a potential adopter on your afternoon walk!

• Ask a local business to sponsor your foster dogs by paying to have
  “Adopt Me” vests made. In exchange for their sponsorship offer
  to include the business logo on the vests; list the business as a
  supporter on your website; put their business cards at your adoption day 
  table and give their brochure to new dog parents. Adopters and volunteers  
  love to support businesses that support your rescue organization.

• Make sure that the easily overlooked black dogs have a visible place
  at all adoption days where potential adopters can easily see them.  
  “Bedazzle” their crates and the dog’s "information sheet" with
  glitter, colorful paper and fun photos. Put the dog’s information sheets
  inside clear plastic sleeves and tie them with bright ribbons to the

• Ask your volunteers to share their ideas for showing off your wonderful
  black dogs. Have fun with it!

• Have an idea for bedazzling your black dogs that you’d like to share?
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