Black Dog Walks

Ready to make black shelter dogs more visible in your community? If you’re looking for extra exposure for the black dogs in your care there is a new way to get your community to start seeing black dogs by starting a "Black Dog Walking Group". It’s an easy, free and fun way to increase public awareness about Black Dog Syndrome while showcasing black dogs awaiting adoption.

How to start your own Black Dog Walking Group

• Pick a location. The objective is to get as much exposure as possible for dogs awaiting adoption so make sure your walk location is a busy place where your likely to be seen such as around a city lake, in a popular park or at a dog friendly event.

• Pick a time. Consider a time when your walk location will be busiest such as the weekend. Decide if you want to walk weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The more often you walk, the more often dogs awaiting adoption will be seen by the public – your potential adopters.

• Suggest a  doggie dress code. To make black dogs stand out  dress them in bandanas, vests or t-shirts that say “Adopt Me”. These need not be fancy or costly. You can make your own using stencils and fabric paint. Get creative and have fun!  For more ideas on how to "bedazzle" your black dogs, click here. You can also approach a local business about paying to have vests or bandanas professionally screen printed in exchange for having their logo included on the items, a link to your website and an opportunity to have their business cards at all adoption and fundraising events. For more cross promotion ideas, see “Cross Promote with Dog Boarding Businesses”.

• Tell people about the walk. Use the Press Release Template linked here and e-mail it local rescue groups detailing the Who, What, Where, When and Why details of the walks. Be sure to include a definition of Black Dog Syndrome. Don’t forget to invite the general public to join your walks. Post a notice in the “pets” section on Craig’s List, distribute flyers at coffee shops, pet supply stores, dog parks, doggie daycares, dog boarding facilities and training schools.